What do all the abbreviation’s mean on those profiles

What do all the abbreviation’s mean on those profiles

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OK…you’ve taken the bullet and signed up to our online dating site looking for the one…Good on you. But are you confused by all the abbreviations that single women and single men are using on their dating profiles. We are…we’ve even had to look some of them up.



So to keep you in the know here’s some of the most common ones



  • SOH – sense of humour
  • GSOH – good sense of humour
  • VGSOH – very good sense of humour (got the hang of it yet?)
  • BF – means either black female, or boyfriend, depending on the type of ad
  • WLTM – would like to meet
  • N/S – non-smoker
  • S/A – straight acting
  • ACA – all calls answered
  • BDSM – into kinky sex (bondage, domination, sadism and masochism)
  • VGL – very good looking (modest might be an issue thou)
  • OHAC – own house and car
  • LTR – long term relationship, as in ‘looking for LTR’


Hopefully this information will help you find the ideal match you’re looking for…if you come across any others let us know and we’ll find out what its all about


The Singles Warehouse Team


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